Welcome to the 2012 NAEA National Convention
 Call for Presentations
The 2012 NAEA National Convention will be held March 1-4 in New York City, New York
at the Hilton New York and Sheraton New York Hotels

2012 NAEA Convention Theme:
Emerging Perspectives | Connecting Teaching, Learning, and Research

The 2012 NAEA National Convention theme focuses on the idea that we are better educators when we collaboratively explore what it means to be teachers and learners, and how research can improve visual arts education spanning all educational levels and environments. We have many perspectives and one focal point: the power of visual arts education to fulfill human potential.
In New York City, NAEA will mark its 65th anniversary, and celebrate as our past, present, and future come together. What better place to celebrate who we are as artists and educators than New York City—the great melting pot—the arts capital of the world!
The value of any conference can be measured by the connections we make, with people and ideas. I invite you to join us at the 2012 NAEA National Convention and make those connections!

To submit a presentation, review the NAEA Convention Presenter Policy below, and then proceed to "New Speaker" at the bottom of this page. By submitting a proposal, you agree to the NAEA Presenter Policy.

REQUIREMENT: Presentations must reflect one or more of the following NAEA Strategic Planning Goals:  Community, Advocacy, Learning, and Research and Knowledge.
NAEA Strategic Plan (click to download)


NEW FOR 2012!  Individual Presentation Limit Policy: Individuals may not be accepted for more than two presentations as the principal presenter or co-presenter [you may be accepted for two as main presenter and two as co-presenter] at the annual convention, with the exception of business meetings, divisional or regional functions, or at the invitation of the convention coordinator.

Each year NAEA receives more than 1,500 Convention proposals and schedules approximately 800 sessions and events—including 200 business meetings and forums, meal functions, special workshops, and off-site events. This policy was adopted to ensure a more equitable distribution of member presenters.

To ensure your proposal is considered, please complete all sections according to instructions.  We appreciate your participation in the NAEA National Convention and hope to see you in New York!

  • NAEA membership is REQUIRED for all presenters and co-presenters to submit proposals and to present at the 2012 NAEA National Convention. Membership is checked immediately upon proposal submission and again before final acceptance of any proposals. (Memberships must be active now, and in March 2012.)
  • Proposals not meeting NAEA membership requirements for presenters and co-presenters will be automatically declined.
  • Please verify your NAEA membership and/or renew or join PRIOR to submitting a proposal. E-mail membership inquiries to members@arteducators.org or call us toll-free: 800-299-8321, 8:15 AM-4:30 PM EST, Mon-Fri.
  • Co-presenters may not be added or changed after proposals are submitted.
  • If accepted, I understand that I and all my co-presenters must pay the registration fee for the Convention and register by the earlybird deadline in order to have my presentation listed in the onsite program. 
  • If accepted, I agree to present the session information as given on this proposal form.
  • With the exception of General Sessions and invited presentations, NAEA cannot pay an honorarium or expenses for anyone presenting at the Convention. 
  • I agree that if I am unable to attend and/or present my scheduled session and I do not notify NAEA that I must cancel my session, then I will not be allowed to present at the following year's Convention. 
As a presentation applicant, I agree as follows:
(a)  I represent that:  (i) I am the exclusive creator of all of the works, materials, and content presented by me and the works, materials, and content are original; and/or (ii) I have licensed the right to present the works, materials, and content presented by me which I did not create or which are not original.  I represent that the works, materials, and content presented by me do not infringe or violate any copyright, trademark, patent, or intellectual property rights of any person or entity; 
(b)  My presentation will not defame, slander, or libel any person, firm, or corporation;
(c)  My presentation will be professional and shall not denigrate NAEA, its programs, or representatives in any manner;
(d)  I will defend and hold harmless NAEA, its officers, and agents against claims of copyright, trademark, patent or intellectual property rights infringement, and against other claims made by third parties as a result of my presentation; and
(e)  I grant to NAEA permission to photograph, record, or videotape my presentation at the NAEA National Convention; and I grant to NAEA a limited, non-exclusive license to use and reproduce such photographs, records, or videotapes on its website, in its publications, and in videotapes, CDs, and other media presentations about the NAEA National Convention.  I consent to NAEA editing my presentation for its use on its website, in its publications, and in videotapes, CDs, and other media presentations about the NAEA National Convention.

Presenter and co-presenter memberships must be current or the proposal will automatically be declined.  No more than four presenter/co-presenter names will be listed for any session.

Attendees of the NAEA National Convention have an expectation that program sessions will be professional development or instructional and relevant to art educators and NAEA members. Sessions are not to be commercial in nature, no matter how subtle. Should you or your company/organization sell products or services, including consulting, as part of your session, you will be required to purchase space in the Exhibit Hall.


Not an NAEA member or need to renew your existing NAEA membership?

  • Visit NAEA's website at arteducators.org/membership
  • Call NAEA toll-free: 800-299-8321, 8:15 AM-4:30 PM EST, Mon-Fri (VISA, MasterCard, American Express accepted)
  • Fax* the NAEA Membership form found on the above website link with credit card payment to 703-860-2960
  • Mail* the NAEA Membership form with payment to Member Services Team, NAEA, PO Box 1444, Merrifield, VA  22116-1444
    *Allow up to three weeks time for processing memberships by fax or mail.


Tips for completing the 2012 NAEA National Convention
 online presentation form:

Please use the correct NAEA member ID number for all presenters listed on the presentation proposal. Your member ID number is the first set of numbers listed on the NAEA membership card or the mailing labels of NAEA News and Art Education.  If you need assistance in locating your NAEA ID number, please e-mail members@arteducators.org or call 800-299-8321 between 8:15 AM - 4:30 PM EST, Mon-Fri.

Don't know your Member ID?  Visit the NAEA website.  Your member ID Number (same as your Customer ID) can be found by logging into My NAEA.  Your ID number will be listed under your name.

Titles and program descriptions should accurately reflect the presentation content and should be concise and to the point.

The full session description (the one used to score the proposal) is limited to 150 words and the program description is limited to 30 words.

Please do not use all capital letters, quote marks, or other symbols in your title or description.

There will not be complimentary Internet access in the meeting rooms at the hotels.  Internet access can be purchased at the presenter's own expense.

Please choose from among the following presentation formats the one that is most appropriate for your session.  Should you have questions, please e-mail

Best Practice Lecture:  Practitioners present exemplary lessons, instructional practices, programs, and/or initiatives from actual practice followed by Q&A; 25- or 50-minute sessions.  Regular theatre seating.

Hands-on Demonstration:  25- or 50-minute session to present a demonstration or technique relative to art.  Tables for attendee participation are not available for Hands-on Demonstrations. 

Hands-on Studio Workshop:  2-hour ticketed session, held late afternoon or early evening in the headquarters hotel, where attendees will make a project during the session.  If accepted, presenters will be reimbursed for cost of materials, up to a maximum of $300.  Tables for attendee participation are provided.

Performance:  An opportunity to present arts-based performance to provoke thoughtful engagement, reflection, and dialogue related to a topic or issue; 25- or 50-minute sessions.  Regular theatre seating.

Poster Session:  An informal opportunity for presenters to display a poster communicating the findings of his or her visual arts education research.  Posters will be located in a centralized area and on display throughout the Convention.  Presenters will have the opportunity to meet with attendees at a designated time to discuss poster topics.  Please note:  Poster sessions are not held in meeting rooms.  No AV equipment is available for these sessions.  Contact information should be displayed on the poster.

Research Lecture:  Researchers present academic papers and findings from formal research followed by Q&A; 25- or 50-minute sessions.  Regular theatre seating is used for this session.



All proposals submitted for concurrent sessions are peer-reviewed and rated by members of the Proposal Review Committees. All proposals will be reviewed using a blind review process.  Please find below the scoring rubric used by the review committees and the points awarded for each:

Clarity of Purpose–
proposal provides a clear focus and defines a purpose or approach to process, concept, and/or subject matter. Clearly defines what participants will learn or experience.

5          Context clearly defined and focused on purpose, well-written and
            thoroughly described.   Clearly describes context of best
            practices/technology/research/etc.  Reader can clearly tell what  
            participants will learn or experience.
4          Reasonably defined, described, written, and focused.
3          Some description of practices/technology/research/etc. Some focus on 
            purpose evident.
2          Difficult to understand context, description. Vague.
1          Not understandable. No context described.

Suitability/Relevance–proposal provides relevance to Convention theme, suitability for division/issues groups, etc., timeliness, and general interest level of topic. Supports mission of NAEA.
5         Clearly describes relevance to theme, suitability for division/issue group,
            etc., timeliness, and high interest level.
4          Reasonably relevant, suitable, timely.
3          Somewhat timely, suitable, and relevant.
2          Major problems evident in suitability/relevance.
1          Not suitable to division/organization/issue group/etc., and will not be
            of interest to the arts education community.

Quality–proposal clearly demonstrates innovation, context of best practices, logical and clear successes and/or failures of instructional practices, and thorough description. Promotes rigor, thought, and challenge. 
5         Clearly demands attention and admiration; clear evidence of personal
           vision/style/innovation; clear use of best practices and reflection.
4         Stimulate attention and reasonable interest. Reasonable evidence of best
3         Some evidence of personal vision/style, some evidence of best practices.
2         Lacks evidence of best practices, does not compel attention, vague.
1         Unappealing, lacks scholarly support for ideas.

NAEA strives to notify members of the status of their presentation proposal as early as possible, but cannot guarantee notification prior to January 1, 2012. For inquiries, please call 703-860-8000, ext. 281, or e-mail presenters@arteducators.org.

MAY 15, 2011

Please have presenter and co-presenter NAEA Member ID numbers ready before submitting a proposal.

You will create your proposal log-in and password with the first submission. You must create a new username and password each year; it does not carry over from the previous year.  Already logged in this year but forgot your password?  Contact NAEA at presenters@arteducators.org and it will be e-mailed to you.

To submit a proposal, please click on "Submit by clicking here" below.

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